ICTS UK is one of the largest subsidiaries of ICTS Europe. ICTS Group, a global integrated security solutions provider, employs some 11,000 employees in twenty-one subsidiaries across Europe, all of which are closely linked, sharing resources, information and goals. ICTS Europe Systems is the technological hub of the Group, delivering a unique combination of operational expertise and pioneering technological solutions in the areas of Aviation Security and Immigration, Training and Assessment, and General Security Management.

The ICTS UK service offering is based around three board fields of operation. Firstly is the provision, training, consultancy, management and support of security and customer service personnel. ICTS teams are highly trained with particular focus on customer services and specialist training, such as behavioural recognition. With clients in a broad range of market sectors, ICTS understand the importance of delivering a customer focused service.

Secondly is the provision of technical security systems, from system design through to installation of CCTV, access control and alarm systems. ICTS has also developed operational systems to manage and support both its needs, and the needs of its clients.

Thirdly is specialist canine services focused on passive and pro-active detection of drugs, explosives, firearms and currency. Operating across the UK in high profile, high risk environments this service supports clients on regular deployment requirements as well as ad-hoc initiatives.

All three (operating in a partly or fully integrated service based solution) ensure that ICTS delivers to its clients the most effective solution through a bespoke service strategy.

For further information see: www.icts.co.uk / www.ictseuropesystems.com / www.ictseurope.com

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