RedXDefence (USA)

RedXDefence (USA)

RedXDefense is focused on novel approaches to detection and protection that address the unique needs of the military, businesses, and homeland security.

RedXDefense’s approach to combating the IED threat combines a proprietary technology for trace detection of explosives with a unique Concept of Operations (ConOp) which enables offensive operations against terrorists and allows the war-fighter to go ‘left of boom’.

Deployed since 2007, the XPAK is in use by foreign and U.S. Military, civilian, and private sector customers. Example applications include force protection, vehicle check points, clearance of unattended packages or cargo, and as a complement to canines. The XPAK has had outstanding performance in austere field environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Arguably, it has the most field ‘up time’ of any trace explosives detection device available today.

The XPAK G2, released in 2011, is the next generation XPAK that detects both military grade and homemade explosives. The XPAK G2 is a rugged, affordable, and user-friendly portable trace explosives detection system. In less than a day, users can learn to collect and identify trace explosives on people, vehicles, bags, and packages.

The U.S. Navy's Maritime Expeditionary Security Group (MESG) utilizes RedXDefense's XPAK G2 Portable Explosives Detection Systems to conduct anti-terrorism and force protection missions around the world to include harbor and homeland defense, coastal surveillance, and special missions.

RedXDefense’s newest product, the XCAT, will make its international debut at this show. The XCAT is a one-platform, affordable, multi-analyte detection system for identification of explosives, narcotics, and gunshot residue. The system fits in the palm of your hand and is ruggedized for field usage. The one-step process is fast and the result is objective with no interpretation necessary.

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