Global Resilience Services

Global Resilience Services

Global Resilience Services (GRS) is a global public/private partnership with the RESILIENCE Team of one of the world’s largest ambulance services. We have a proven record of success and diverse experience of over 65 years within the risk and resilience industry. We offer a full range of expert services, skills and knowledge to help organisations develop and maintain their resilience capabilities: CONSULTANCY, business continuity management, TRAINING/exercise programmes, specifically designed for your needs but based on the four pillars of Resilience:





Our USP – In Service Expertise


Combining our proven academic background, wealth of practical experience, knowledge of incidents and best practice, we are involved 365 days a year in developing and delivering resilience arrangements and so are experts who are still involved and engaged in service. This ensures that the education, information and consultancy advice we provide is the very latest research and best practice available.

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