C2UK is a Hereford-based engineering business specialising in the design, production and integration of Command and Control (C2) and Force Protection Systems. Although the business has evolved and grown since it was initially formed to support key Government users and programmes, our ethos and culture remains fixed on delivering timely, cost effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

We offer a range of highly developed and bespoke products and services to support the delivery of exacting technical projects for both the commercial and public sector, including platform design and integration. From the development of mission critical systems to complete infrastructure transformation, C2UK can provide engineering capability to enhance and support specialist organisations.

C2UK invests significantly in engineering resource and associated Research and Development (R&D). Our engineers all have a specialist user background and are therefore well suited to working in a high tempo, demanding mission critical environment and are easily able to translate user requirements into effect. Our ethos is based on creating innovative hardware and software solutions, which can be rapidly prototyped and developed with the aim of equipping the user in a timely manner.

Our agility allows us to enhance and change our solutions dependant on specific user requirements. We have a global network of trusted partners who we work with to ensure our products and services reflect specific local requirements. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ business. Our commercial approach is underpinned with integrity and professionalism.

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