War Heat International

WAR HEAT INTERNACIONAL is a Spanish publication dedicated to the most recent developments, products and technologies in the industry of defence and security. It also covers geostrategic issues and the activities of the most relevant military and police units all over the world. WHI offers regular features on the actual events, written by recognised specialists, and analysts with a geostrategic and historic perspective. The North of African issues, developements in the Islamic world and especially de Latin American markets are treated in deep in every issue of WHI.

READERS AND MARKET - WHI is oriented to a wide range of readers, from professionals and entrepeneurs of the civil and military defense industry, to officers of State security institutions. It is also read by academics, diplomats, government officials related to security and defense, and the general public interested in these subjects. The readership are mainly located in Spain, Portugal, Latin American countries and the United States.

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