armada International

Since 1976, Armada International has been publishing original, objective information about the range of defence technologies for decision makers and influencers in militaries, governments, and industry around the world. In the editor’s words, “Armada International explains how sophisticated systems operate and why they are necessary” - and it is written in a straightforward, easy to understand way. Armada International’s journalists are selected for their strong technological backgrounds - many are former engineers - as well as their field experience using the technologies they explain in their articles. In addition to the main issue, which offers subscribers a range of technology analyses, each bi-monthly magazine includes at least one Compendium, Armada’s hallmark desktop series focusing on a single technology in a magazine-length format. Many of the Compendia include our signature foldout data tables, which provide an overview of particular platforms and equipment, surveying worldwide requirements and solutions. These Compendia are distributed at all major global trade shows throughout the year, providing unparalleled longevity and visibility to the relevant topics.

Its dedication to in-depth and authoritative articles has won Armada International a faithful and an enthusiastic readership that has come to rely on it above all other professional titles.

Advertising in Armada International will bring your products and services to the attention of military and defence planners around the world and help to open up new markets for you. The magazines' outstanding print and layout quality and long shelf life make Armada the ideal media vehicle for advertisers' global marketing efforts.


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