Energy & Power

Energy & Power (EP) is the first and only full-fledged fortnightly magazine that deals with the much cried energy and power sector in Bangladesh. Since its inception on June 16, 2003, EP is working very hard to

a) Develop public conscientious on sustainable and even development of energy sector;
b) Assist the policy makers in assuming pragmatic policy for balanced development of the energy sector;
c) Continue supply of information among public; and
d) Develop a group of reporter in its field.

Mission Statement

Traditional sources of energy have adverse affects on environment. In order to minimize such affect the concept of environment friendly energy solution has been developed. Energy sector leaders are considering as many options as possible including use of renewable energy as well as optimum utilization of the energy.

Despite its resource constraints, EP dynamically strives to provide with flow of energy sector information and create public awareness; so that the policymakers get guideline and platform for the sustainable development of energy sector in Bangladesh.

Policy Campaign

EP now steps into it 12th years of publication.

For last 10 years, apart from publication, the EP worked on campaign programs to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, environment and energy conservation.

EP also started a green campaign. In this connection, the EP is working with the government and development partners like GIZ, UNDP and others.

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