Smart City Business Institute

The Smart City Business Institute is an organization with the goal to spread the word about the initiatives of all companies, institutions, city halls and professionals who are dedicated to the possibilities of Smart Cities, and to give the deserved renown to the authors of these projects. A common meeting point, designed to gather the demand and supply of Smart solutions throughout the world. Communication, Brand positioning, access to knowledge and networking, all in one platform.

The SCBI is the only entity of its kind that publishes its own set of magazines, designed to showcase the news from the world´s most relevant Smart City companies, cities and institutions. SC Actual Smart City has become the market-leading publication on Smart Cities, featuring pieces from across the 5 continents, from big and small companies, city councils and urban institutions, R&D laboratories, and the best reports on emerging technologies. This magazine has been chosen as media partner in renowned events such as the Mobile World Congress, Smart To Future Cities, RE-WORK Future Cities, Electric Vehicle Symposium, Smart Cities India or Smart Cities Expo & World Congress.

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