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Indian Infantry to be transformed by comprehensive equipment programme

May 10, 2013 Publisher: Global Energy Pvt.Ltd

Indian Army’s F-INSAS programme is one of the most ambitious programmes of any armed forces of the world in recent times. F-INSAS, which stands for Future Infantry Soldier As A System aims at comprehensively transforming the infantry soldier into a self sufficient system by bringing about a paradigm shift in the way he is equipped to fight on the battlefield. It is comparable to the FELIN Programme of France or the FIST Programme of the UK. The F-INSAS programme aims at equipping the infantry soldier in five core areas:

1. Multi calibre weapon systems

2. Protective equipment which will include an integrated bullet proof helmet mounted with flash lights, thermal sensors, night vision devices, digital compass, CBRN sensors as well as head-up display monitors. It will also include lightweight vests equipped with sensors for monitoring the critical health parameters of the wearer.

3. Communication and navigation equipment including a GPS enabled palmtop device enabling the soldier to be in constant touch with fellow soldiers and battlefield commanders.

4. Health and environment monitoring tools

5. Solar powered batteries for renewable and self sustaining power generation.

In the first phase the F-INSAS aims to equip a minimum of ten infantry battalions of the Indian Army with all the above mentioned equipment by 2015 and then the plan is to roll out the programme to the rest of the Army. Modernising an army of 1.1 million personnel is a daunting task and yet at the same time creates major opportunities for global vendors to work in tandem with the Indian Army and Indian private companies to develop and deliver all the customised equipment on time. With India’s Central Armed Police Forces stationed on the borders or fighting insurgents facing terrain and hostile actions much akin to what an infantry soldier faces, the possibility of the F-INSAS programme being deployed to India’s 80