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Securing Asia 2013

Aug 08, 2013 Publisher: Defence ProAc Biz News

Securing Asia 2013, the Homeland Security, Defence and Counter Terrorism two-day conference, was held at London’s QE II Conference Centre last month. Government officials, entrepreneurs, businesses and leading experts on security from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and West gathered for exposition andB2Bmeetings.

India was the focus of this year. There was a special session on the Indian security scenario.The panel of high-ranking police officers from Indian provinces, such as Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, indicated that the new generation insurgents and terrorists had become tech-savvy. While there is a need for capacity building to counter this new threat,it is also important to address the threat on the ground with its unique requirements of equipment and training.

LtGen JPSingh, Chief Consultant at the DRDO, spoke about how IEDs are used everywhere in India, from the metropolitans to the mountain valleys and the dynamics and materials varying between these places. They have transitioned from tactical nuisance to strategic threat, which demands very expensive strategic response.

James Brokenshire, Security Minister at the UK Home Office, presented the United Kingdom's views on improving international cooperation in the fields of security and intelligence. Following the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, he stated that ''the United Kingdom has considerable experience to share". He also stressed the importance of cyber security, saying that "cyber terrorism knows no borders".Home-grown terrorism, fuelled by online radicalisation, has given a new dimension to cyber policing. Ultimately, the core of domestic counter-terrorist strategy should be to ''work with communities, to isolate extremist voices from the moderate majority".

The exhibition provided an effective platform for interaction with cutting-edge developers and suppliers of security technology solutions.Not