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Securing Asia Summit – Parthasarathy on Terrorism Challenges in India

Jul 02, 2012 Publisher: The Lahore Times (Pakistan)

Former High Commissioner of India to Pakistan, Australia and Cyprus, Mr G Parthasarathy speaking at the Securing Asia 2012 Summit (organised by a subsidiary of Security Watch India,) warned that another Mumbai style attack on India cannot be ruled out. His detailed and insightful portrayal specifically tackled the ‘Challenges of Terrorism in India.’ His analysis of the historical trajectory of terrorism in India covered the Maoist insurgency and Punjabi terrorist groups and pointed the finger squarely at Pakistan for the spread of terrorism through the 1980s and 90s. “While terrorism in Punjab was sparked by political mismanagement and opportunism within India, there was a notable Pakistani role in fomenting terrorist violence in the state since 1982. Punjab terrorist groups, whose members crossed the border, were armed, motivated and trained in Pakistan. Sikh pilgrims visiting their holy shrines in Pakistan were deliberately targeted and incited to demand a separate homeland within India…..The 1990s also saw the spread of Pakistani supported terrorism to other parts on India”

Continued Pakistani sponsorship of terrorism remained the main trust of his speech and he finally warned of the escalated risk from the Taliban and Haqqani networks, if they were to strengthen their hold in Afghanistan following the pull-out from the West. “India would like to cooperate with regional countries and the international community to ensure that Afghan soil does not become a haven for terrorists, who are determined to attack Indian soil and Indian interests abroad. Diplomatic processes to achieve this have to be inclusive and supportive of the democratically elected Government and Parliament in Afghanistan.”

MP Jo Johnson closed the 3 day Counter Terror and Homeland Security Summit, Securing Asia 2012 on Friday, addressing t

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