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Gold Mercury Attends Securing Asia 2012 in Observer Capacity

Jul 04, 2012 Publisher: Gold Mercury International

The issue of Global Peace and Security continues to be a pressing concern across the globe today and a key area guiding Gold Mercury’s work since its creation in 1961.

SECURING ASIA 2012 brought together delegations from a number of countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S, Russia, India and Japan, as well as key ASIAN security experts and policymakers in order to discuss the security challenges. The Summit addressed a wide range of issues regarding emerging and existing security threats and the use of new technology equipment as new counterterrorism methods, which should always be within the rule of law.

“The increased use of U.S. drones in the region with relevant collateral damage questions the future ability and strategy to use such means” said Nicolas De Santis President & Secretary General of Gold Mercury.

Providing a global context to understand the security challenges, Dr. Stephen Blank of National Security Affairs Strategic Studies Institute analysed the profound transformation of world politics. Uncertainty and instability, proliferation of nationalist movements as well as religious extremism and ethnic fundamentalism are some of the current security threats globally. However, security threats must be placed within a wider framework. As Prof. Lawrence David Freedman of Kings College underlined, the key dynamic now is the economic transformations and the speed in which organized societies can fall apart.

Asia is an economically dynamic but strategically volatile area which faces old and new insurgencies (i.e. Southern Philippines, Southern Thailand, Myanmar, West Papua), was mentioned by Prof. Amitav Acharya of the American University , Washington. Simultaneously, transnational threats such as Cyber warfare and the cooperation of mil

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