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Record attendance at Securing Asia Summit

Jul 07, 2012 Publisher: Contingency Today

The Securing Asia Summit has closed with record attendances from foreign delegations.MP Jo Johnson closed the 3 day Counter Terror and Homeland Security Summit, Securing Asia 2012 on Friday, addressing the vital issue of British business opportunities and interests in the Asian homeland security market.

Speaking of the need to address the trade deficit, he cited the importance of improving the export competitiveness of UK firms, by getting them to turn and face more resolutely towards the fast growing Asian markets.

The summit was opened on 25th June by the Rt. Hon Jack Straw MP, former UK Home and Foreign Secretary, and architect of the Terrorism Act 2000, delivering a sharp and vigorous analysis of The British Experience of Battling Terrorism: Lessons for Asian Policy Makers and Business Opportunities in Asia. Straw stressed the critical issue of how governments balance the imperative of protecting their peoples from the immediate threat of terrorism to their lives and property with wider political action aimed at reducing or neutralising the nature of the threat in the first place.

Britains Minister for Crime and Security, James Brokenshire, speaking at Securing Asia 2012, on the current situation of crime and security threats to the UK and globally, and the Strategies adopted to counter them, highlighted the size of the Pakistani and Indian diaspora in the UK and emphasized the enormous human cost to Pakistan of terrorist actions: In Pakistan alone, nearly 13,500 civilians and 4,500 security force personnel have been killed in terrorist violence since 2003.

His excellent dissection of the new face of terrorism and its main drivers of conflict and instability, aspects of modern technology, pervasive ideology, and radicalisation addressed the global threat in the wide

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