Mr. Harry Dhaul

Chairman, Steering Committee, Securing Asia

Mr. Harry Dhaul, the Chairman of the Steering Committee for Securing Asia, is also the Founder and Director General of The Independent Power Producers Association of India (IPPAI), and has over 25 years experience in the power and infrastructure sectors.

The transition of the sectors (especially Power, Oil & Gas), from being entirely statecontrolled to the current stage of increasing private sector participation, led Mr. Dhaul to envisage the requirement for a neutral forum for discussion and examination of policy and regulatory issues, for the development and private sector participation in the infrastructure sectors.

It was during this time that Mr Dhaul saw how critical security is to the three pillars of energy – Energy Security, Security of Energy Infrastructures and the Geopolitics of Energy. Since then, promoting security has been an endeavor that has taken him to founding Securing Asia, the Asian Homeland Security, Defence and Counterterrorism Summit.

Securing Asia is a summit where high level government representatives and internationally acclaimed experts on security discuss the cerebral, social and demographic implications of rising economic propensity and increasing societal disparities and the impact on Asia’s Homeland Security. It also provides a platform for technology and service providers to interact with potential clients as well as discuss with Asian government representatives, the various solutions to address their security needs and problems.