Mr. Ilja Bonsen

Founder & Managing Director, IB Consultancy, UK

Ilja Bonsen is the founder and managing director of IB Consultancy. Within the company, he is responsible for overall management and strategy, and he acts as project director for a number of projects. Ilja has spoken, on behalf of IB Consultancy, at a large number of events and conferences on CBRNe, Threat and Risk assessment, counter terrorism and non-proliferation in Europe, Middle East, USA and Asia. Ilja developed the functionality approach for implementation of non-proliferation measures into measurable deliverables, moving non-proliferation from a fuzzy workshop based approach to a concrete methodology which delivers results. Before starting IB Consultancy, Ilja worked for the Netherlands Defense Research Organisation TNO and for a number of ICT firms. Ilja obtained a Master Degree in Political Science at Leiden University, and studied Business Administration and European Management at the Rotterdam School of Management and Corvinus University in Budapest.