Mr. Bernard Jenkin MP

Member of Parliament, UK

Bernard has been an MP since 1992 and currently chairs the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee. He was elected as Member of Parliament for North Colchester in 1992, North Essex in 1997, 2001 and 2005, and most recently Harwich and North Essex in 2010.

While an MP, Bernard served five years in the Shadow Cabinet.  William Hague appointed him Shadow Transport Secretary (1998-2001), and he then served as Shadow Defence Secretary under Iain Duncan Smith (2001-3).

“These were tough times in opposition.  On Transport, we ran successful campaigns – against Standstill Britain and excessive fuel taxes – to expose Labour’s utter failure on transport.  In Defence, I campaigned against armed forces overstretch and found myself fighting to get the equipment and funding they need.”

When Michael Howard appointed Bernard as Shadow Regions Secretary (2003-5), he campaigned against John Prescott’s plans for Regional Assemblies and masterminded the North East Says No campaign, which successfully defeated the government in the North East Referendum in 2004.

“When Labour called three referendums for Regional Assemblies for the North of England, most people thought they would win at least one or two.  We derailed two referendums before they started, because of the terrible scandal about postal voting.  The polls forecast a two-to-one victory for the ‘Yes’ campaign in the North East, but the team at North East Says No ran a brilliant campaign.  The government lost four-to-one against.  It spelled the end of the road for elected regional assemblies – and the beginning of the end for Prescott.”

Since the 2005 election, following a spell as Shadow Energy Minister, David Cameron