Mr. Hagai M Segal

UK-based Academic, Consultant and Commentator specializing in the Middle East and related affairs, geo-strategic issues and Terrorism

Hagai M. Segal is an award-winning academic, consultant and analyst, specialising in modern terrorism/radical Islamism and geo-strategic and political risk.

Segal has a long track record as a consultant, analyst and advisor to numerous banks, finance/investment houses, international corporations, business groups, security/counter terror agencies, police forces and politicians across the globe. This includes ongoing advisory work, training + briefings for national counter-terror and security organisations/agencies and counter-terror police forces in the UK, the United States, and across Asia and Australasia. Segal serves on the London First Security & Policing Advisory Board, the Advisory Board of the IFSEC India/Counter Terror India/Internal Security India conferences, and is a Member of the UK Council of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and U.S. Dept. of State).

In his academic role, Segal lectures in ‘Near and Middle-Eastern Politics’ at New York University in London, has previously taught at the University of London, and guest lectures at Universities across the globe from the USA to Australia. He is the 2007/8 recipient of NYU in London’s Annual Teaching Award.

He continues to be frequently called upon as a keynote speaker at international corporate and industry conferences – regularly addressing finance sector, oil and gas, project finance and legal industry forums and conferences – and numerous security, counter-terrorism and resilience forums and conferences including the Mumbai Security & Resilience Summit, Counter Terror Expo, the World Summit On Counter-Terrorism, International Joint Operations Command Conference (IJOCC), International Metro Security, IFSEC, International Disaster and Emergency Resilience (IDER), and the International Public-Priva