Mr Dvir Rubinshtein

Manager, Security Department, Aviation Security Operation Center, State of Israel

Mr Rubinshtein has a military background in the “Israeli Air Force” at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He was working for the Security Department of  "ARKIA AIRLINES" and "EL-AL AIRLINES" till 1999 and held Security Manager and Director positions at several airports in Israel till 2007.

He was appointed to his current position at 2008, being in-charge of all the security clearances on every airline, flight and aircraft including schedule, charter, general aviation, diplomatic, military and others, seeking to enter the Israeli airspace in advance and in real time. In addition to this, he performs security audits in airports and airlines around the world that operate flights to Israel.

In parallel, Mr Dvir Rubinshtein runs the Aviation Security Operation Center (ASOC), an organisation responsible for all the Aviation Security industry in Israel.