Detective Sergeant Phil Chesworth

National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)

Detective Sergeant Phil Chesworth is seconded to the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), a police unit co-located within the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and funded by the Home Office. NaCTSO contributes to the Protect and Prepare strands of the UK Government’s counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) and reports to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). (See NaCTSO counter terrorism and security work is divided into three areas:

  • Protection of crowded places
  • Protection of hazardous sites and dangerous substances
  • Assisting the CPNI to protect the Critical National Infrastructure


To achieve national delivery, NaCTSO tasks, co-ordinates, trains and accredits a UK wide network of specialist police advisers known as Counter Terrorism Security Advisers (CTSAs). The primary role of these advisers is to provide professional advice, guidance and recommendations on all aspects of counter terrorism protective security, cost-free at the point of delivery, to those sites or businesses at highest risk. Ongoing long-term success in reducing the vulnerability from terrorism is being achieved by establishing and promoting a genuine partnership approach to security with Government, police, industry associations and businesses.

Detective Sergeant Chesworth is a serving police officer with 29 years police service, the last 8 years specialising in Counter Terrorism. In addition to his current CT protective security work, he has worked on a number of terrorism investigations and has extensive experience of major crime investigation and operational policing.