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Jul 23, 2012 Publisher: The Circuit

Global spending on Homeland Security now stands at about $200 billion annually. But with budgets in Asia now set to increase by 30-percent in its trillion-dollar-plus market, where China, India, Japan and Saudi Arabia are closely followed by the South-East Asia tigers, the message is clear: Asia is already almost as big a market as the United States, which accounts for one third of the world's Homeland Secu...

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Securing Asia 2013

Jul 12, 2012 Publisher: Military Systems & Technology

Securing Asia 2013

Start Date: Tue, 2013-06-18

End Date: Wed, 2013-06-19

Location: QEII Conference Centre, London


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Record attendance at Securing Asia Summit

Jul 07, 2012 Publisher: Contingency Today

The Securing Asia Summit has closed with record attendances from foreign delegations.MP Jo Johnson closed the 3 day Counter Terror and Homeland Security Summit, Securing Asia 2012 on Friday, addressing the vital issue of British business opportunities and interests in the Asian homeland security market.

Speaking of the need to address the trade deficit, he cited the impo...

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Asia crime gangs can be brought to justice by using unique UK digital forensic technology

Jul 06, 2012 Publisher: Global Security Mag

Innovative digital forensic technology that instantly identifies illegal activity over the internet could help law enforcers stem the growing threat of terrorism and organised crime across the Asia Pacific Region.

The UK-developed automatic video identification software is unique in that it can enable police to search through hundreds hours of illegal video content and d...

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Trading with India is Great for Britain

Jul 06, 2012 Publisher: Eastern Eye

MORE work must be done to dispel any fears about trading with India, the private secretary to the minister for business and enterprise declared.

Tory MP Jo Johnson said the government had a key role in helping British businesses overcome the challenges associated with trading with India.



East meets West at Securing Asia

Jul 05, 2012 Publisher: Global Response

On 25-27 June, delegates from across the world gathered at the Queen Elizabeth conference centre in London for the first annual Securing Asia trade, technology and intelligence summit.

Aimed at connecting the growing Asian security market with Western firms and experts, the event hosted high-profile speakers, including former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and officials and academics from across Asia and the Middle East.

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Gold Mercury Attends Securing Asia 2012 in Observer Capacity

Jul 04, 2012 Publisher: Gold Mercury International

The issue of Global Peace and Security continues to be a pressing concern across the globe today and a key area guiding Gold Mercury’s work since its creation in 1961.

SECURING ASIA 2012 brought together delegations from a number of countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.S, Russia, India and Japan, as well as key ASIAN security experts and policymakers in ord...

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Britain ‘facing wrong way’ in international trade, says Jo Johnson MP

Jul 04, 2012 Publisher: Security News Desk

The Securing Asia 2012 Summit finished yesterday with a closing keynote by Jo Johnson, Conservative MP for Orpington and brother of London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Johnson is a former journalist who wrote extensively about the rise of India as a political and economic power.

In his speech, which was broadcast live on the Internet by SecurityNewsDesk.com, Johnson said his interest in India went back to his days as Financial...

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Dr. Maliha Lodhi defends Pakistan’s achievements at Securing Asia Counter Terror Summit

Jul 02, 2012 Publisher: The Lahore Times (Pakistan)

Dr Maliha Lodhi, Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the UK and the USA, and prominent academic, spoke out strongly at the Securing Asia 2012 Summit, in defence of Pakistan’s achievements in the struggle against terrorism. She quantified the great sacrifices made by the Pakistani people and military forces, with 35,000 people killed in terror related incidents since 2001 and 5000 security personnel, as ...

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Securing Asia Summit – Parthasarathy on Terrorism Challenges in India

Jul 02, 2012 Publisher: The Lahore Times (Pakistan)

Former High Commissioner of India to Pakistan, Australia and Cyprus, Mr G Parthasarathy speaking at the Securing Asia 2012 Summit (organised by a subsidiary of Security Watch India,) warned that another Mumbai style attack on India cannot be ruled out. His detailed and insightful portrayal specifically tackled the ‘Challenges of Terrorism in India.’ His analysis of the historical trajectory of terro...

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